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Sales Tips for Lawyers

In my National Law Review column, I talk a lot about how to market your law firm to attract more traffic and leads. And while there are many ways to market a law firm, few articles go into how to close the deal once a new lead lands.

Do Law Firms Need SEO? - Legal SEO Benefits

Lawyers provide a necessary service to clients looking for honest and effective legal counsel. Whether it’s a familial dispute, combatting a DUI, or resolving a personal injury case..

How Does SEO Help Law Firms? 10 Benefits

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing strategies for law firms. Think about it: What better way to reach potential clients than in Google?

Pay Attention to Your Company's Greatest Asset

Concerned about your employees searching for a better job? Looking to hire top notch talent to fill your vacant positions? The answer to retaining and attracting top talent could be to treat your employees like you would treat your clients.

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