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How to Plan an SEO Strategy for Your Law Firm

Google is one of the true powerhouses of the internet.
Owning over 86% of the search engine market, Google organic search makes up 59% of the world’s total web traffic.


Lessons Learned: How to Recover From One Big Mistake

How we choose to react to a triggering event determines the outcome. We have a choice at that moment to either react emotionally or rationally. As Dale Carnegie said, “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.”

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Five rules for empowering your leadership team

I recently hired a Chief Technology Officer. I had my assistant set up regular meetings with his department to ensure he was progressing as I expected. In my mind, these calls ensured that he felt comfortable in the new position, but they might have been interpreted as micromanaging.

Local Video Marketing: 4 Ways To Win With Video

Since the emergence of YouTube in 2005, the prevalence and impact of video marketing have skyrocketed.
YouTube changed the game by allowing everyday users to upload, publish, and market their video content directly within the search engine.

Leadership wisdom I learned from my grandfather, and how I use it in business every day

My grandfather was not a man of means. He was a custodian at a high school and made sacrifices for his family. Yet much of the man I am today is because of the lessons I learned from him. I like to say, “My grandpa taught me so much about leadership, and sometimes he used words.” His actions spoke volumes. Here are six of the most important lessons I learned from him.

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